ESQA Blurred Haze Velvet Lip Tint

Rp 99.000 - 2.5gr

ESQA Blurred Haze Velvet Lip Tint

Advanced soft velvety formula with ink-lasting effect
Boost your confidence with our lips-hugging Blurred Haze Velvet Lip Tint!
First in Indonesia, this weightless lip velvet is formulated with Blur Fix™
Technology that gives a smooth blurring effect to your lips with transferresistant ability, resulting in soft-velvety finish & powerful 12 Hours* color stay.
The airy buildable texture provides smooth glide-on, and it contains lip care
formula to keep lips hydrated.
This crack-free formula is infused with 5x lip care ingredients to hydrate and nourish the lips. The active combinations also act as protective barriers to lips.

Comes in 8 variative colors, this lip velvet products are suitble to use in any occasions. The colors are versatile, it has different shades that match multiple undertones: warm, neutral, or cool.

1. Honeymoon - Warm Nude Brown >> NA18231303162

2. Meet Cute - Cool Pinkish Nude >> NA18231303156

3. Modern Chic - Warm Medium Pink >> NA18231303157

4. Feel Good - Cool Mauvy Nude >> NA18231303154

5. Level Up - Neutral Brown >> NA18231303150

6. Autumn Bliss - Deep Warm Terracotta >> NA18231303152

7. Crimson Crush - Deep Cool Red >> NA18231303153

8. Vintage Vibe - Deep Mauvy Brown >> NA18231303158


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