ESQA Slick Drip Serum Lip Tint

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Esqa Slick Drip Serum Lip Tint

ESQA Slick Drip Serum Lip Tint is a lightweight natural glassy lip tint thatcomes in 8 juicy colors. Our lip tint is longwearing and leaves an evenstain that lasts throughout the day. It gives your lips a healthy glow lookwith slick smooth finish. Formulated with vivid pigments, it will giveeven stain all over your lips. This lip tint is enriched with lip care serumto hydrate and nourish your lips. so your lips will be juicy all day! No matter your skintone, ESQA Slick Drip Lip Tint can give you a playfulhue to your lips.

It is available in 8 wearable shades:
Cashmere Nude
Rose Souffle
Royal Ruby
Flaming Red
Bubble Berry
Sienna Sunset
Warm Maple
Burnt Chestnut

Ingredients :
Sodium Hyaluronate : Hydrate and lock moist into yourlips, guarding from dryingenvironment to prevent cracks.
Sunflower Seed Oil : A good source of vitamin A, C,and E. It contains antioxidant tohelp protects your skin from sundamage.
Jojoba Oil : A humectant that moisturize andreduce itching, flaking, andwounds. It also acts as protectivebarrier to your lips.

Explore countless look with ESQA Slick Drip Serum Lip Tint by doing these three different techniques

1. Put lip tint all over your lips evenly
2. Leave it for seconds, do not clashyour upper and lower lip
3. You can instantly have the slickfinish on your lips!

1. Put a nude/neutral shade all over yourlips
2. Apply darker shade onto inner centerarea of your lips
3. Blend the edges of both shades so itlooks diffused
4. Voila! There you have that gorgeousombre to your look!

1. Apply lip tint all over your lips
2. Leave it for a minute
3. Wipe with tissue for a matte stain
4. Sleek lips is ready as the top ofyour whole look!

A Treasure To Every Kind Of Lips!
Lightweight Formula with Longlasting Tint
Shiny Slick Smooth Finish
Enriched With Lip Care To hydrate your lips
Budgeproof & Creaseproof
Comes In 8 Shades, Suitable For Any Occasions

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